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Frequently asked questions

What is the site for ? is a free Internet-service intended to help finding electronic currency exchange services with the best exchange rates.

Are all exchange services mentioned on trustworthy?

Yes, all of them are trustworthy. Every electronic currency exchange service was thoroughly investigated before we included it to our website.

Besides, we control due performance of exchange services. If our users start experiencing problems with a certain exchanger, we can temporarily exclude such site from the rating unless the issue is resolved.

Any user can publish a negative testimonial if he/she faced a problem while working with a certain exchanger. Administrators of the majority of exchange services cooperate with our monitoring and can quickly deal with the issue, and when it is resolved - post a comment directly at

How to exchange electronic currency with the best rates using your site?

To perform the most profitable exchange operations you should take the following simple steps:

  1. Choose a currency pair for exchange;
  2. Click the name of the required currencies on the left panel (for example, in the "Give" column select Hand To Hand, and in the "Get" column select Ethereum;
  3. After that you will be transferred to the exchange offer page of the service, and can start selecting the most optimal exchanger with the best exchange rate and reserve.
    By default, the exchange service table is sorted by the exchange rate profitability, but you can sort it the other way too (for example, by the amount of available reserve, by testimonials and so on);
  4. Choose an exchange service you feel the most appropriate and make sure this service possesses sufficient currency reserve to carry out this operation.
    Take a look at the latest reviews of this exchanger to make sure it has no problems at this time;
  5. Click the line with the name of the interesting exchange service. After that, the home page of this exchange service will be opened in a new window;
  6. Perform the exchange on that website;
  7. Optionally: leave a review of the work of this exchange service on our monitoring.

What the "Notification" function is for?

This tool instantly alerts about exchange rates and reserves and allows our users to exchange currency when the rate and/or reserve hit the certain optimal threshold set by the user. Here are some examples when this function may come in handy:

  • You have found an exchange service with a satisfying rate, but its reserves are simply not enough to carry out the exchange;
  • You would like to exchange using the best possible rate and you are not in hurry;
  • You weren't able to find an exchanger that could help you perform exchange in a certain direction, and you would like to be notified when such exchange will be possible;
  • You are the owner of an exchange service and would like to monitor your competitors.

What is "Reserve"?

The available exchange reserve is the amount of currency a certain exchange service offers for exchanges. The exchanger cannot carry out an operation that requires larger sum than the reserve it has.

I visited websites of suggested exchangers but didn't find a way to perform the exchange I need. Why?

Most likely, the exchange in the chosen direction can only be performed manually, by submitting a request to the administrator. To do this, please contact the support of the selected exchange service.

Why the rate/reserve in the monitoring differs from those in the exchange service?

All information about exchange rates and available reserves comes to us from exchange services. All possible discrepancies on the side are minimal, as our monitoring is configured to perform rather frequent refreshes of exchange service data (continuously every 5-8 seconds). In most cases the problem of an incorrect rate or reserve comes from incorrect information provided by certain exchangers.